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FastTweet — tweet in one click


Fast tweet - the fastest tweet in one click

Extension Fast tweet allows to tweet from any page, without going to the official website of tweeter.
One click and tweet on it's place!

Быстрый твит - доступ к окну<br/>'новый твит' в одно касание
Good tweet - quick tweet! Fast tweet: the fastest tweet - Access to "new tweet" in a single click. One click for instant tweet!
Возможность твитнуть в один<br/>клик выделенный текст на<br/>просматриваемой url странице
Fast tweet allows you to tweet all selected text you are viewing on url page. One click and tweet ready!
Расширение позволит вам<br/>быстро поделиться url<br/>страницей в твиттере
Extension Fast tweet allows you to instantly share the page url in tweeter. One click and tweet url.

Customer Reviews

  • Cool extension! Quite simple, works quick and perfectly.
    I've searched such a thing for twitter for a long time. Sometimes it happends — you've got an idea, I want to tweet it quick, but you need to type the address to open that window there, everything is slow, it's too uncomfortable.
    And then only one click - and everything is perfect. I've even checked, tweet is on place without any delay.
    Recommend to everyone!
    And thanks to the developers!

    Mikle, May 12, 2014

  • Super extension! It's really fast!

    Tom, May 15, 2014

  • Good, very good. Thanks to the developers

    Sally, May 25, 2014